Cargill says SweetPure™ delivers a label-friendly edge

The SweetPure™ wheat and barley malt syrup from Cargill meets ISO natural standards and can meet the needs for clean label bakery applications.

We live in the age of a mindful consumer, for whom simpler labels, less processed foods, and recognisable ingredients are a priority. At the same time, today’s bakery consumers are adjusting their taste profiles, and opting for more balanced and less overtly sweet products. 

SweetPure™ wheat and barley malt syrup was developed to address these label-conscious consumer needs. This unrefined sweetener is high in maltose, brings mild relative sweetness, medium viscosity and a light grainy taste and colour to bakery, snack bar and cereal applications. It reiterates how Cargill is helping to inspire balanced sweetness in European bakery and cereal applications, whether in the creation of entirely new products or in the reformulation of existing ones.

SweetPure™ offers the following benefits:

  • Label-friendly: Labeled as “wheat and barley malt syrup,” it answers the demand for recognisable ingredients and less processed foods. 
  • Mildly processed: Derived from the treatment of wheat starch with barley malt, it is only mildly processed and meets ISO natural standards. 
  • Mildly sweet: Given its mid-range sweetness, it can be used to formulate baked goods and cereal products with more balanced sweetness.

While SweetPure™ functions similar to high maltose syrups in formulations, its straightforward ingredient description and minimally processed nature appeals to consumers. 

Beyond its label-friendly credentials, SweetPure™ is only 25-40 % as sweet as sugar, depending on the concentration. This means that the ingredient can be used to formulate baked goods and cereal products with more balanced sweetness or as a first step towards reduced-sugar formulation. 

SweetPure™ represents an important addition to Cargill’s already extensive nature-derived sweetener portfolio, which includes full-, mid- and no-calorie solutions, and which is backed by world-class formulation expertise and supply chain reliability. It is in line with Cargill’s sweetener strategy, to offer customers label-friendly alternatives with comparable functionality and performance.

Application studies in coated cereals, cereal bars and sweet biscuits have confirmed that these solutions allow for a 1:1 replacement of high maltose syrup with similar texture, taste and appearance performance. As an example of what’s possible by combining SweetPure™ with other Cargill ingredients, product developers created a chocolate chip cookie prototype featuring dark & milk chocolate chunks (24.96%), Cargill Ivory 34 rapeseed oil (10.34%), SweetPure™ M (5.14%), and Lecimulthin™ SF de oiled sunflower lecithin (0.35%). 

Other solutions for bakery from Cargill’s unparalleled range of ingredients for bakery include starches, pectin, maltodextrin, spray-dried glucose syrups, and deoiled lecithin. Furthermore, the portfolio also includes plant proteins and soluble fibers – ingredients that are well-suited for inclusion in a range of baked goods, including bread, biscuits, crackers, and even sweet baked goods. In the plant protein space, Cargill offers PURIS® and Radipure® pea protein, Gluvital® vital wheat gluten and Prowliz® hydrolyzed wheat protein. 

When these solutions are combined with Cargill’s application, formulation and technical expertise, it becomes possible to deliver on health, while maintaining the properties of the original product, in terms of taste, texture and label friendliness. Ultimately it’s all about helping customers find the perfect balance. 


Image credit: Cargill
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