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Hear from Hebenstreit, the provider of distinguished wafers and extruded snacks production lines 

Hebenstreit is specialised in the development, design and assembly of state-of-the-art production lines for wafers and extruded snacks.  

Our strong working partnerships with customers put us in the position to ensure continuous improvements thanks to our combined expertise and learnings. As a result, we have always been able to set new standards in wafer and snack production technologies.  

Our range also includes fully automatic wafer batter and cream preparation systems, which cover the conveying and dosing of raw materials. In addition, we offer fully automatic cleaning systems for wafer baking plates based on the latest laser cleaning technology. It is the only system on the market that is not fixed to one machine. That means only one system is needed per factory to clean various wafer baking machines of the worldwide proven BAC series.  

Hebenstreit baking machines are known for their strength and long service life, but also for their highly efficient burner technology that uses less gas, while reducing CO2 emissions by more than two thirds. Many years ago, Hebenstreit developed a unique baking plate locking technology to increase the baking plate size from 500 to 700 mm. These jumbo size baking plates have since become the standard in every high-capacity wafer production plant. 

In recent years, we have developed and delivered a rising number of extruder lines to cater to the shift towards healthier snacks and the need for more sustainable production processes. Consumers still want snacks, but they increasingly want healthier and protein-rich snacks, e.g. based on whole grains and legumes. 

Keeping up with current trends and consumers’ changing tastes requires experimentation. That’s why production lines need to allow for lab-scale recipe experimentation, yet still be capable of full-scale production. This leads to greater product variety and possibly to smaller portion sizes. All this requires smaller batches and fast product changes. 

Modern and sustainable extrusion lines can process whole grains, whole legumes and whole fruits in their raw, unprocessed form. This from-the-field-to-the-bag production method means shorter process chains and excellent quality for your consumers. Furthermore, our sustainable resource extrusion (SRE) enables producers to utilise many by-products to create new varieties of their products and thereby reduce or eliminate waste. 

In summary, the move towards healthier diets and greater sustainability requires production lines that are more efficient, cost-effective and flexible. It also means providing possibilities for further product variations and the processing of trendy ingredients, whilst also generating less waste.  

Hebenstreit offers holistic solutions with production lines that leverage all these opportunities while ensuring excellent performance, top quality and a secure investment for the future. 

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Hessenring 16
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Phone: +49 6105 202 0
E-mail: info@hebenstreit.de

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